About Us

BLUE VISTA is a beverage company having its corporate office based in Kolkata. We provide a range of beverage product with 20 different products includes soft drinks, water, sparkling can soft drinks, natural flavour water and energy drinks. We are the first company to introduce PET CAN sparkling soft drink in India.

Our production plant is build over massive 50000sqft with fully automated production facility. Our entire production facility is well protected from any type of outside interference and remains untouched by human throughout the product production and packaging process. We provide a resource efficient production process. We focus on market expansion, innovation and new product development in order to achieve our growth target. We aim to systematically grow and establish our brand in emerging market and increase our sales revenue by 5%-10% in coming years.

Our Mission
We aim to provide our customers the nourishing beverage experience by offering a range of top quality products with high quality ingredient that are healthy and have enhance flavour. We emphasise to offer:
  • Top quality products for all of our customer segments.
  • Meet market demand through professional service distribution.
  • Regular and continuous profits and stable revenue growth to our stakeholder.
  • Serve society by waste water management and rain water harvesting.
Our Vision
Our Vision is to be a leading beverage company offering quality products to our customer and their family. Enhance our production facility with latest technology and develop an employee team that would deliver efficiently and accurately to meet our organisation goal.
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